From Turin, Xplosiva Birthday Party

9 Januar 2008 @ Watergate Club

Xplosiva is a n international crew of dj's that was born in Torino, Italy, 11 years ago. In those years they grew up a lot and they became one of the most important repesentetives of the italian electronic sound. The main project of Xplosiva is the organization, every year, of the festival Club to Club that take place contemporary in Torino and in a different european city (in 2006 it was in Berlin).
To celebrate the 11th anniversary Xplosiva decided to organize a big party also in Berlin, the capital of electronic music. The rendez vous is at the Watergate Club to listen to the selections of Sergio Ricciardone (Drama Society) and Giorgio Valletta, the two residents!

Event inseriert von emanorsa.



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